A Guide to Google My Business and Its Importance to Local Companies

Google My Business Map Results for Philadelpha Heating and Cooling

Setting up your Google My Business property is one of the most important online tasks for local companies that want to find new customers. For the owner of a local, small business, it may be hard to determine which web properties and social media profiles are the most crucial to maintain. Between blogs, Twitter profiles, … Read more

OnPage Optimization: How to Create Content that Ranks

OnPage optimization refers to the part of SEO that entails the structural, technical, and content adjustments of a website. The aim is to improve search engine rankings in the long term and to improve search engine rankings by improving content, technology, and structure, thus increasing the perceptibility of a site. Simultaneously, on-page optimization should also … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Local Rankings

Word local with a bullseye in the "o"

Local SEO is more important than ever and is part of every local company marketing strategy. More and more web users are using smartphones and tablets to surf the internet. The number of local search queries is increasing as mobile users perform local searches. Search engines like Google and Bing are continually updating and improving … Read more